Automatic Voltage Regulator

Power Voltage Stabilizer

Three Phase Power Voltage Stabilizer Widely used in electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production line, construction device, excavator for gold mines, post and telecommunications, department stores, elevators, hospitals equipment, schools, printing machine, securities, and other occasions where all typically need voltage to ensure, such as workshop mines medium enterprises, some of the vital equipment and computer power and support where need voltage stabilization.
Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer Meet the standard: JB/T 8749.8, Q/ZT431.


SBW & TNS Series

General Specification

Power: 20KVA,30KVA,40KVA,60KVA,100KVA up to 2000KVA

Technical Characteristics

Input Voltage: 180-250 VAC/304-456V (260-430V), Input Frequency: 50/60Hz, Output Voltage: 230VAC/380V (400V/415V)


110x80x200, 740Kg


Ostpreußendamm 61, 12207 Berlin


52.4243784, 13.308725210174

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