Low Voltage APFC Capacitor Bank

Circuit Voltage Stability

The electric equipment of the power system will produce reactive power when it is used, and it is usually inductive. It will reduce the capacity efficiency of the power supply, and it can be improved by properly increasing the capacitance in the system. Power capacitance compensation is also called power factor compensation. Generally speaking, the low-voltage capacitor compensation cabinet is composed of a cabinet shell, bus, circuit breaker, disconnector, thermal relay, contactor, lightning arrester, capacitor, reactor, primary and secondary conductors, terminal strip, power factor automatic compensation control device, panel instrument, etc


GGD series

General Specification

GGD type low voltage APFC capacitor bank, also named as capacitor bank with automatic power factor correction (APFC), it is suitable for three-phase AC50/60HZ, max voltage AC690V,

Technical Characteristics

Rate Voltage: 380V, Rated Current: 1000,600,400, Short circuit break (A): 15 Short Time withstand current(1s)(kA): 15, Peak withstand current (1s)(kA); 30




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